Florida Mayor Dies From Mold Exposure

Florida Mayor Dies From Mold ExposureMayor Bob Thompson of Callaway, Florida apparently has died from mold exposure. He was exposed while investigating a complaint about a drainage ditch from a local resident. Mold exposure can be dangerous and yes, under the right circumstances it can be fatal.

Callaway Mayor Bob Thompson died of black mold, his wife said Sunday. – The News Herald

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First Coast NewsCallaway Mayor Bob Thompson died of black mold, his wife said Sunday.The News HeraldCALLAWAY — “Black Mold” caused the death of Callaway Mayor Robert Thompson, his wife said Sunday. Reeda M. Thompson told the News Herald doctors at Bay Medical said her husband died from Aspergillus, a genus of mold consisting of several hundred species, also known as Black Mold. The mold did severe damage to her husband’s physical appearance and mental faculties, she added. Read more: http://www.newsherald.com/articles/callaway-103022-mold-says.html#ixzz1wszEpY00

Thompson’s wife said he was exposed to Aspergillus which is a common household mold. This is not the same species as Stachybotrys and is not black mold per se. However, Aspergillis is known to cause an occupational disease called farmers lung and a condition from mold exposure called aspergillosis can occur where mold invades the lungs and can then spread throughout the body.